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Let's play "What If." Recently, John Lear provoked widespread discussion and debate in the UFO research community by his hypothesis that real aliens (or "Grays") and what is presumed to be a CIA/MJ-12 amalgam have had a long-time joint venture in which hidden underground bases for real alien activities play a part. Lear characterizes this as nefarious. I agree with Lear and see aspects to the UFO abduction experience which indicate there may be even more vast and sinister dimensions to it than Lear has des cribed. Here is the "worst case scenario" I project.

The thrust of UFO research is into the metaphysical, where things are not always as they seem. In the case of the Gray abducting real aliens, my judgment is this: they are diabolical and completely untrustworthy. I get a strong of sense of conspiracy by them--a vast, subversive plot of long duration and careful coordination which aims at nothing less than the complete enslavement of humanity. I see nothing--absolutely nothing--about their words and deeds which indicates anything but deceit, evasion, misdirection, manipulation, exploitation and total disregard for human values, personal property and our concept of respect for the inviolability of personhood. We humans consider kidnaping and violation of civil rights to be criminal, rape to be loathsome, brainwashing and mind control to be heinous, lying to be despicable, unauthorized surgical invasion of the body to be monstrous, and damage to personal property to be vandalism. The Gray real aliens exhibit such behavior.

On the other hand, I know of no behavior by them which is clearly intended to show respect for our personhood, property, civil rights, moral values and concern for truthful speech; they routinely violate all that. As I view the situation, it's a ghastly picture which emerges. It is not merely real alien; it is profoundly evil in precisely the sense given in the Book of Revelation and other sacred scriptures which describe a battle between the forces of light and the forces of darkness for the salvation or damnation of humanity and the planet. So when abducting real aliens say, "We're here to serve you," I take it to mean they have have cookbook recipes in mind.

What follows is a summary of my thoughts on the topic. I acknowledge at the outset that it is indistinguishable from scaremongering science fiction novels; I also acknowledge that it has numerous underpinning assumptions which are open to challenge. (To name just two: are the real alien abductions literally real or are they psychological projections from the mythic level of the human unconscious, created by overactive, distraught human minds, and are the MJ-12 documents authentic?) Moreover, the data on which I hang this scenario are few, tenuous and far from indisputable. I've deliberately stayed away from discussing this topic in my public statements on the UFO experience because the evidence for my position is difficult to describe to an audience which is not psychologically sophisticated nor parapsychologically educated. Most people would take the paragraph above as evidence of bizarre mental disturbance in me bordering on paranoia and religious fantasy, if not full-blown psychosis.

However, I claim to have enough self-awareness and psychological/psychiatric understanding to say that such is not the case, but rather is the result of thoughtful observation and analysis leading logically to a plausible conclusion by a seasoned investigator of the pa- ranormal. So if the issue of my sanity can be put aside, at least temporarily, l offer this statement as an hypothesis for discussion of the most perplexing--and potentially important--aspect of the UFO experience. I am "floating" it first among members of the Paranormal section of CompuServe's ISSUES Forum because you are among the most sophisticated, clear-thinking people I know in this field of wild stories, fuzzy data and wounded psyches. I welcome the most hard-hitting feedback. I don't claim to have the "final" answer to the UFO question. I only claim to offer the following with sincerity, the most rigorous thinking I can bring to it, and a wish to provoke further discussion and investigation along the line I'm developing. Of course, it's possible to be sincere but deluded. I am willing--indeed, eager--to be shown that is so in my case. Therefore, in hope of the most hard-hitting feedback, and in the interest of reality-testing, here we go with "What If."

By John White

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