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Then the real Gray aliens came into view, and the situation took on a wholly different complexion.

If the real aliens have secretly planted their agents throughout civilization for decades and if they are pursuing contact with the top echelons of power here in the USA via MJ-12 and its successors--as suggested by reports of Project Aquarius, Project Sigma, Project Garnet and Project Snowbird in Jerome Clark's four-part review of UFO crash/retrievals in Fate earlier this year--then over the years they could have been playing out a hand that was strategized nowhere but in Hell.

Look at the membership of those power groups such as MJ-12. They lead straight into the heart of the most disturbing "conventional" conspiracy theories about international finance and military/political intrigue. For example, consider the Skull and Bones Society at Yale. It is, from the political conspiracy theorists' point of view, the quintessential "evil empire" within the USA. George Bush, McGeorge Bundy, and a large number of the Trilateral Commission members and the Council of Foreign Relations were tapped by this secret society while they were undergraduates at Yale and were bound by an oath of secrecy to loyalty to the "Bones" purpose, which goes far, far beyond simple collegial fraternity and the typical "good ol' boy" network.

The conspiracy theorists say that the aim of all this is to covertly create a new world order in which the secret establishment becomes the hidden power controlling global affairs--its economy, science, industry, religion, education, technology, etc., even while maintaining for the masses a facade of increasing freedom and prosperity for the world. Nationhood would wither away, but political power would not. It would be consolidated behind a screen through the fraternal bonds of men (Skull and Bon es excludes women) whose aims and loyalty are not to any country or group except their own transnational cabal.

Imagine that such a conspiracy has been going on for decades; that would explain US State Department approval of high-technology transfer from American industry to the Soviet Union, even when it ends up used against America in military situations, and multimillion dollar bank loans to the Soviet Union with no assurances sought that they won't be used to underwrite anti-American activities.

Then imagine that the real aliens not only know of the conspiracy and understand its operations, but have also cunningly schemed to infiltrate it and co-opt it by pretending to establish friendly but secret relations with it. What would be the nature of the directing intelligence behind the real aliens' scheme? It seems to me that the real Gray aliens alone are not smart enough or powerful enough to pull it off, despite their technological edge. I see it like this:

The real aliens are glad to let the human conspirators continue their work aimed at world domination because the humans don't realize the danger they've gotten into by making what is in reality a diabolical pact. The human secret establishment thinks it's simply got an edge by making contact with the real aliens because the real aliens can provide advanced technology to help the power brokers advance their scheme; all they have to do is let the real aliens continue with their "scientific" work of abducting people for "examination." But the real aliens' intention is to be the power behind the power behind the throne. And the MJ-12 successors played right into their hands.

By John White

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