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Where do all the real alien-humans come from? Many would undoubtedly be bred in vitro from sperm and ova, but many others would have been obtained the easy way--by kidnaping children. An estimated one million children are missing in the USA each year. Where could they all go? If just one percent of them were abducted by real aliens, that's a sizable population to work with at off-world bases.

If you will grant the plausibility of this admittedly fantastic scenario so far, it then makes sense to say that the real Gray aliens are not the "ultimate" type of beings contacting us in this matter. They are real aliens, through I'm not convinced they're extraterrestrial. However, it appears there is another "race" behind the real Gray aliens, covertly directing their activities. This "race" is not merely "real alien"--it is evil. It is truly sinister, malevolent and unswervingly committed to the damnation of all humanity--and it is definitely not extraterrestrial.

These intelligences have been characterized in ancient scriptures and sacred traditions as native to Earth, demonic, hostile to our very existence as free people and intent upon dominating us totally--physically, mentally and spiritually. St. Paul spoke of humanity contending with "powers and principalities." My reason, research and personal experience lead me to conclude that such entities are ontologically real, albeit paraphysical. I see the hand of such intelligences behind much of the UFO phenomenon. I will even name the chief entity, using its Judeo-Christian appellation: Lucifer/Satan. To say more than that in a meaningful manner, however, would take several more kilobytes. I am prepared to g et into the issue of Lucifer/Satan and its nature, purpose and role in the UFO experience, but that will depend on my assessment of the response to this discussion.

In closing, I will say that, in my judgment, we humans are not alone against forces of darkness. I also see benign and even benevolent "real alien intelligences" here as well, trying to assist us in this struggle for psychobiological integrity, spiritua l advancement and true planetary unity, as Brad Steiger suggests in The Fellowship. We are surrounded by "angels unawares" who, as agents of godliness, seek in subtle ways to guide and protect us. For example, the beings of light whom people meet during near-death experiences (NDE) are providing tremendous support for humanity in what I see as a struggle between the forces of light and darkness. The light-beings' nature is clearly evident by the effect they have upon human lives. Completely unlike the abducting real Gray aliens, the NDE light-beings produce no traumatic consequences on people whatsoever.

Humans who meet them while in the near-death state report later that they sensed only unconditional love and forgiveness for misdeeds radiating wordlessly from these entities. Abducting real aliens induce fear and long-lasting anxiety, disturbing dreams and a disturbed personality; NDE light-beings have an aftereffect which brings people a sense of ultimate peace, cosmic goodness, reverence for life, deepened spi rituality, concern for fellow humans and the environment--a general revaluing of a materialistic, egotistic life-style in the name of God and Love. Here in America alone, an estimated 8,000,000 people have undergone an NDE.

If America is the leading edge of a millennial demonic invasion, as I'm postulating, it is also the site of an even greater number of transformative, uplifting, inspiring encounters with entities traditionally called angels, saints and enlightened teachers. And such activity must be happening around the globe. Does this not indicate a colossal support system of metaphysical forces which intend salvation for humanity, building in opposition to what I have posited as a hellish plot aimed at complete enslavement of humanity and Planet Earth?

By John White

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