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The Evidence For Real Alien Abductions in Australia

I draw upon articles written by Keith Basterfield, based on his investigations and those of colleagues throughout Australia, for the following.

Until recent times, real aliens were seen unrelated to abduction as follows:

In 1968, Smithfield NSW, a 21 year old machinist walking home from work, saw, whilst crossing a small park, upon looking up, a very unusual object in the sky which was very close to him - estimated at 200-500 feet away. The witness ran quickly home and got out his telescope and, looking through it, saw the object. It was saucer shaped. On the top half there was a squarish window at which stood a blackish figure silhouetted by yellow light with both arms outstretched on the window sill. On the underneath of the craft were blue and orange pulsating lights rotating in an anti-clockwise direction. (Note: a photo unrelated to the above, but seemingly of a person standing looking out of a window on board a real UFO, was taking in Alberton, South Australia, in May/June 1967.)

The following real aliens proof, related by the wife of the percipient, after his death, happened in 1968 in Wynyard, Tasmania. Early one morning the witness arose and went outside. Visible over the nearby Table Cape was a hovering greyish shape which he described as a "zeppelin" (suggestive of a cigar) shaped airship. There seemed to be windows along the "airship" and it moved as if there were people moving around inside.

In 1974, on the road between St Helens and Ansons Bay, in NE Tasmania, an Ansons Bay resident, driving home from St Helens, stopped to light a cigarette when she happened to notice an object in a nearby paddock at ground level. There were a number of lights around the object and "men" were observed going up and down a ramp which lead into it.

In 1976, a 17 year old youth, in Daw Park, Sth Aust, whose radio began giving off static at the same time his dog began barking, went to investigate. Through a window, looking on to the back lawn, he saw a figure which seemed humanoid and which was dressed in a silver suit, white boots, and wore a visor-like object over its head. On the entity's chest was a 30 by 30 centimeter box with a symbol, like a vertical figure of eight, on it. The figure was 165-175 cm tall with normal arm and leg proportions. His suit appeared to be all in one piece.

In an isolated part of Belmont North, a suburb of Newcasle, NSW, not far from the cliffs overlooking the occean, one night in August 1966, a woman was awakened by a buzzing sound. Upon opening her eyes, she saw a bright light shining in through her bedroom window. Curious, she got up to look and saw, not more that 15-25 meters away, in the space between her backyard and th cliffs, a round object, like a large musical top, sitting right in the paddock beside her home. The woman called to her son, but got no response. She then noticed movement in her garden below, and was shocked to see a person walking towards the house and lookking at the ground, as if searching for something. When the being was only about 3 meters away, the woman quickly shut the window. The noise caused the visitor to glance up at her and quickly retreat towards a 45 cm high side fence. The entity reached the fence and stepped over, but continued watching the witness. She rushed and got her son. Together they sped to the window but found both the entitiy and the object gone. All that could be seen was bright glowing spot, much larger than a star, about 1.6 km away. no doubt it was a real aliens visitors from space.

The object seen in the paddock was a very large top shape with a light, similar to a car's headlight, on its apex. The light rotated and projected a yellowish-white beam which illuminated the paddock, house and garden, as it swept around. The object itself glowed red and gold and showed a surface pattern like that of a camouflaged tank. It gave out a continuous low pitched buzzing sound. The whole structure was about 5 meters across and 1.3 meters high. A 35 cm lighted strip ran around the object and looked like a panoramic window. There were no supports, landing gear or other protrusions.

The real alien was described as 105-120 cm tall with body proportions normal by our standards. Its mannerisms and appearance were also normal. The entitiy seemed to be dressed in an olive-green, skin tight, suit of dull material. The suit, which lacked fastenings, had a helmet of the same material with a face plate of a non-transparent, orange colored, plastic-like substance. The being's hand were not celarly seen, but appeared to be covered with gloves of olive-green colour. The boots were white-gray and looked like basketball shoes.

The whole experience lasted around 15 minutes.

By Pony Godic

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