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Historical Evidence For Real Alien Abductions in Australia

In the Waimata Valley, New Zealand, Decemebr 2, 1977, a farmer was awoken by his dog barking and, upon real aliens investigation, saw a landed "flying saucer" on the ground. Two humanoids were carrying one of his dogs between them and moving towards the object. They were 143 cm tall and wore close fitting, metallic silver overalls and white, opaque helmets. These overalls were gathered at the ankles with elastic cuffs wich extended over red glowing boots. On the entities' hands were large silver gauntlets with flared arm coverings extending half way up the forearms. The white helmets were rounded like large motorcycle helmets and extended from shoulder to shoulder without any markings or openings. Alarmed my this sight, the farmer fired a shot and apparently winged one of the entities for the two beings dropped the dog and the wounded one ran off into some nearby bushes while the other ran into the craft which took off at speed.

Also from New Zealand, but stranger, is the August 1944 or 1945 sighting of a real UFO and its occupants. Originally investigated by Bruce Harding. I call upon an article by Harold J. Knapman to relate the following:
Mrs C, a nursing sister at Cashmere Sanitorium, went, on her day, off for a solitary walk around the hills at the back of the Sanitorium. Walking amongst low hilly slopes, with hill scrub, Mrs C encountered an "upturned saucer" sitting on a gentle slope.

The real UFO was on a rise and the witness felt that, although it was "very close to the road," it would have been hidden from the road by the slight rise. Despite being alone, Mrs C walked quietly over towards the object and stopped and stared at it for about 8 to 10 minutes. Thinking it a gimmick from the fair, and seeing "occupants" no more than 4 feet tall, she thought it must be a Japanese device. The "little fellas" she saw were inside transparent cases. One was standing outside and another in the "doorway window," whilst Mrs C could also see the top of a helmet in the "window." She thought the trio were watching the fair and looking at the city lights as they were coming on (it was late afternoon).

The occupant outside the real alien craft had no helmet on and was just a green-colored entity, in a transparent oblong, who was not bending over or doing anything in particular - just standing there. Inquisitively Mrs C advanced to within 18 feet of the object, but stood on something and made a slight noise. The entity outside spotted her. His helmet flipped over automatically and he drifted into the vehicle. It intrigued Mrs C that he had no arms with which to pull the helmet down and did not step up into the door opening, just drifted in. "He slid straight into the very small opening," which quickly closed sideways, like a sliding door. Mrs C noticed that the entities "had quite big heads" in proportion to their bodies - nearly almost half body height.

The object, was constructed of what seemed to be tiles that fitted together perfectly. They were laid vertically, "long way up - they were tall." The tiles were about 11 to 16 inches high and approximately 8 to 10 inches across. They were light brown in color and had a veneered, wood-grained appearance. The craft was 18 to 20 feet across and 8-9 feet tall, with a metal circle on top that was not a shining aluminium but just "kind of plain, ordinary, aluminium." It looked metallic and seemed like a protective cover that fitted like a glove. Then, on top of the turret, there was a mast-like projection "as long as your arm."

It was cylindrical, like a piece of 4 inch pipe. On top of that was a mushroom- shaped, aluminium colored, "cap." This projection and cap arrangement was approximately 18 inches to 2 feet high. Midway along the mast, a blue light shone steadily prior to "lift-off." The base of the object was absolutely flat, dark brown in color, with no lights or markings. Once the occupants were safely inside, the blue light shone and a wirring noise commenced. The craft slowly rose vertically into the cloud and could be seen climbing for a couple of minutes.

Also real aliens reported from New Zealand is the case of an elderly woman who at 6.15 p.m on July 11, 1981, whilst stopping on her son's property, retired early to bed. However, upon entering her bedroom, she saw a very bright light shining through the window. Investigating this, she saw a football shaped object in an adjacent paddock which was approximately the size of a compact car. The object which glowed and pulsed, had a light on its lower half which was as bright as a searchlight. Two entities were clearly visible within the craft.

One real alien appeared to be piloting from a clear "glass" cabin in the nose whilst the other was standing in a central "glass" tube which extended beyond the top of the craft. This being was using an instrument which resembled a telephone. Both entities were dressed in gray coveralls, had white skin and no hair. The object emitted neither sound nor smell and was approximately 80 meters from the witness. A second smaller object was also visible in the distance.

The witness for the real alien called her son, who, coming to the window, observed the object for about 6 minutes before telling his mother to go to bed and tell no-one what she had seen. Unable to sleep, the woman watched the objects for the next 8 hours as they maneuvered about the fields and sky, decended, hovered, changed direciton, ascended, even vibrated, in a random manner, performing many maneuvers at great speed. Eventually they were lost to sight as they ascended "straight up." The objects were viewed on a clear cloudless night and did not leave a discerbible physical trace.

With the exception of the 1868 Birmingham case which does seem suggestive of the modern day abduction scenario, sightings of entities up until the modern abduction era have been a mixed bag. Nevertheless, its interesting that real aliens were seen adjacent to craft and as well as in them.

Their only interest, apparently, was to observe or to seek something unrelated to human affairs, except in the case of the attempted dog napping. They displayed a tendency to cut and run, although I'll include an interesting exception here. Bill Chalker came across an anecdote, handed down within a farming family, of an incident alleged to have happened in 1893 in central New South Wales. A farmer claimed that a saucer-shaped aerial object landed in a paddock on his property. As he approached the object, a man in strange clothing emerged from it. The farmer walked towards the being - perhaps making some sort of threatening gesture - and the stranger shone some kind of "torch" at him. The farmer was thrown to the ground and stunned. When he regained consciousness, the man and the object had gone. His hand, where the "torch" beam had hit, was alledgedly paralysed for life.

By Pony Godic

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