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Evidence For Real Alien Abductions in Modern Australia

In 1984 Mark Moravec investigated the real aliens experiences of a then 21 year old man. The incident took place in 1974 when, aged 11, the percipient accompanied a 19 year old friend spotlighting (hunting at night) on a 40 hectare property several kilometers from Jindabyn in the Snowy Mountains region of New South Wales. At about 9 p.m. the 11 year old and his friend spotted a bright white spherical light on the ground about 800 metres away.

The real aliens light appeared to be constant and was estimated to be about 3 meters across and twice the apparent size of the full moon. Although the light was bright, it did not appear to cast much light about it. The light was observed for approximately half an hour. The following night, about 8 p.m., in company with several other friends, they saw the inexplicable stationary light again. About 9 years later, the percipient began having vivid memories of the first evenings sighting. He realized that they had taken about 2 hours to walk only one kilometer. Over a period of approximately 6 months the percipient experienced vivid images but felt that this was material he was not supposed to recall. The percipient related: "I saw myself and my friend approach the light but we weren't walking. We were wrapped in a blue light ourselves. We floated in a door way into a complex room of tubes and benches etc.

We were laid on a table. All the while tall thin real aliens beings with arms and legs - long fingers (no joints) smooth grey skin and smooth noseless faces watched and kind of squirmed (like when we are waiting in a queue). The room was grey blue (they were light grey) and a bluish light seemed to emanate from the corners of the walls and ceilings. The room was cramped and square... The beings had just enough room to get in between us and around us. They had cream overhead lights to look at us with. We lay there and could see them lean over us. They hooked up wires to our skin and seemed to be able to pull our clothes open without tearing them. They seemed very busy at the time and often would look at each other and pass instruments from one another.

As far as I could interpret the real aliens were gauging how electromagnetic fields related to my body and the atmosphere. I remember my friend (older than I) tried to resist (he `came round') but they took him away only to return him. His eyes were sunken, he was pale and very cooperative. (He passed out once he layed down.) The tests went on for some time and after literally hundreds of wires had been connected they just took them off, closed up my clotes and left us both. We were not afraid but were not really conscious either. They put us back where we had first seen them and that was that. Two hours had passed since the walk, we had went for about 3 hours... I remember that we regained consciousness after walking across a ridge and spot lighting a horse."

Keith Basterfield investigated the following real aliens case, but had difficulty contacting the two percipients for follow up, so details are still sketchy.

On October 24, 1981, two young men, travelling from Broken Hill to Port Lincoln, left Adelaide (Sth Aust) at about 8 a.m., but had car trouble which slowed them down, consequently they reached Whyalla around 9.30-10 p.m. Because the town had shut down for the night, they decided to continue on. A few minutes outside of Whyalla a blue "flare" was seen lighting the sky to the south east. The men stopped and both saw a second light shoot out from beneath the first. This second light moved around and flew up and down gullies and hills before stopping in one particular gully.

The witnesses watched for a while before setting off again. Both talked about what they had seen. Shortly, one of the percipients felt like stopping again and says what happened next is hard to explain. He recalls "drifing off" into a white endless space. A "thing" walked up the road and stopped in front of him. All he could see was part of an entity or figure which looked like it wore an ancient Roman suit. It stood for a while before vanishing. Waking up, the percipient sat quietly until eventually his companion asked, "What happened?" It was near daylight! (What had happened during the 6-7 missing hours?) The man related that he felt like he had not slept for a week. His companion apparently recalls walking into a big white room and also has vague recollections of an entity seen as an outline standing some 15 meteres from the car.

The point at which real aliens abductions changed from being missing time events in isolated locations which happened to people while awake to being bedroom abductions of the oftentimes sleeping is hard to pinpoint. It is interesting to note that we see small real aliens in old non-abduction sightings, whereas in Jidabyn we see tall thin real gray aliens. In none of the cases so far, have we seen the use of telepathy, although there is the suggestion of telepathic communcication between the real aliens in the Jindabyne case.

I'll note for interest here, a non-abdcution, bedroom visitation that happened on April 12, 1989, at 0025 hrs. Mrs H was aware of lying on her back in bed, looking at the ceiling, with her right hand under her head. Suddenly a strange noise, unlike anything she has ever encountered, started. It was very high pitched, loud and continuous. The noise covered up the sound of her husband's snoring, plus all the external noises. She turned to her right (couldn't say why). On the right side of the bed there was a night table about 40 cm tall, then a wall. On the table was a cup with a little tea in it, a wedding picture, an alarm clock and a box with her gold earings in it.

She became afraid and although she felt she could move if she wished, she chose not to do so. By the table there was a real alien estimated at 60-70 cm tall. It was semi-transparent, "like looking through a curtain." All around the body boundary was a pinkish color. She noted it wore a bright neon green belt - a green ring (no buckle etc.). It was holding her tea cup and looking into it. The entity replaced it on the table. The woman looked to the head but was unable to decribe it. She couldn't describe the hands either. The being moved as if in slow motion. The entity picked up the small box with the earrings but didn't open it. Frightened, the witness moved. The entity replaced the box, touched its belt and disappeared. The noise stopped immediately. It was 0029 hrs.

In the last few years, we have been encountering your classic real alien gray abductors and the Australian experience, at this point in time, does seem to be parallelling the U.S. experience. That is, bedroom abductions, implants etc. There is attendant paranormal phenomena and so these cases are, in fact, more complex than the abductions related here.

By Pony Godic

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