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The Evidence For Real Alien Abductions in Australia

To answer your question about real aliens abductions here in Australia. Our present population is currently 17, going on 18, million. 30 years ago, if my memory serves me correctly, it was around 11 million. Then, as now, most people live along the coast with the greatest population density obviously being in the cities. Racially, there are Aboriginal Australians, people of British, European and Asian decent, with, of course, a healthy mixture of smaller numbers of people from all over the world, but it wasn't always this way.

Previous to the late 1960 there was a racist immigration policy in place that only allowed white people to take up residence in this country. Australians I think are, in comparison to Americans, more cautious and reserved. On the surface Australians may appear very happy go lucky, but overall I think we are less inclined to get involved in things unknown, be they business ventures, or reporting strange, abduction suggestive experiences. Having said this, the age of those reporting abductions are across the board, racially they are usually white, but this, no doubt, has a lot to do with the immigration history of this country.

As mentioned previously, our greatest difficulties are reports from remote locations and real laiens reports long after the event. For example, one of the most fascinating and complex UFO abduction suggestive cases ever reported to us was from a couple in a remote location. The case was so rich in detail, but the couple so physically inaccessable to us, that we were investigating by correspondence. Unfortunately, mid investigation, the couple moved suddenly and all attempts at reestablishing contact have failed. We are not at liberty to discuss this case for we never received clearance to do so, so I'm afraid I can't relate any further information about it.

Less complex, but equally as compelling, was a report from an elderly couple also living in a remote location. They were on a caravaning holiday and, late at night, on a dark lonely road, saw a UFO suddenly large before them. Then, abruptly, they were pulled of the road, their engine off, facing in the opposite direction. Obviously something happened. Our Research Director's attempts at arranging an in person meeting were never realized. So, again, confined to correspondence, progress has been slow and difficult. Personally, I find a case, such as this, most fascinating of all. Firstly, because the couple were awake, secondly because they were in a very isolated spot in the dead of night, thirdly because they saw a UFO immediately prior to experiencing missing time. As an example of a report long after the event, there was a small goblin like creature that entered a camping shack earlier this century in Western Australia. If my memory serves me correctly, an elderly lady reported this encounter. It happened when she was a teenager. Her father caught the creature in a fishing net and ejected it from the cabin.

With regards to the types of real aliens seen. Again calling on my memory, Janet X, in Adelaide during the 50s, was transported to a real alien world by human looking real aliens in overalls. Again in South Australia, a human looking real alien was seen in the country, in the Clare area, during a period of strange phenomena in that vicinity. Keith Basterfield has these records. Please feel free to jump in and correct me if my memory is in error here, Keith. In 1868, in Parramatta, New South Wales, surveyor, Fred Wm. Birmingham, "had a wonderful dream - a vision...." during which he saw "an `Ark'" and encountered a "spirit" whom he described as being "like a neutral tint shade and the shape of a man in his usual frock dress." Birmingham entered the ark which he also described as "a machine to go through the air." In the "pilot house" he "felt miserably queer - just like one who undertaking a billet or post he knows nothing of.

So I remained for some considerable time, when I was aroused as it were from my reverie by the voice of the spirit on my right hand, who said, `Here are some papers for your guidance'." These papers were covered with figures and formulae. Birmingham noted: "...Thinking the formulae and figures of other kinds might be too intricate for my comprehension I said to the spirit - `Oh! Will I want them?' The spirit replied slowly, but with marked emphasis, `it is absolutely necessary that you should know these things but, you can study them as you go on'." Among the "figures and formulae" Birminghams saw were: _ V = 550 + (500 + _/H) / The experience finished as follows: "I again cast down my eyes between my hands as it were on the table considering silently the words of the holy spirit and when I looked about I found I was alone in the ark! So I fell, I suppose, into my usual sleeping state, and waking next morning deeply impressed with that vision of the night..." This case, investigated by Bill Chalker, is, so I understand, still under ongoing investigation by Bill. Considering it happened in 1868, and therefore making allowances for the way Birmingham related to the experience as per his times, I think the case fascinatingly similar to modern day abductions.

By Pony Godic

psychic phone readings

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