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Alien Conspiracy - Super secret launch to mars.

his afternoon (5-3-91) on the For The People radio talk show, Dr. Richard Hoagland (I hope I spelled his name right) made a fairly strong case - abet on circumstantial evidence - that there has been a super-secret US launch of a non-manned craft towards Mars. His speculation is that the last Novermber launch of shuttle ATLANTIS was the time of the start of the mission and that there could be results coming back within a month. He said that off-the-shelf hardware could easily be used and would provide exellent results, of much better quality that that of the last Mars missions. The reason for a launch?

To steal a march on the public to see if there really is something to the reports of ruins on the surface of Mars. Please note that MY notes on his discussion were made on the back of a lunch sack in an often moving vehicle.... There was limited ability on my part to get a lot of what he said down...and to read it later. His speculations were based on a number of items...not all of them are listed here:

1) the US government could not stand not knowing if there is actually some kind of base or ruins on Mars. They would consider it a matter of national security if there was actually some kind of artifacts on the surface of Mars

2) that if WE didn't get there quickly the USSR would

3) that if the pics to be sent back in 1993 by the Mars Observer (see further speculations on this later) actually showed some kind of ruins the citizens might have a problem of some kind with the knowledge. As an aside, he mentioned that the Observer would be "expendable" (just as the Galieo (sp?) telescope seems to have been expendable) if there really is something there.

4) That there are a number of curious happenings involving the Mars Observer (due for a mid to late 1992 launch and 1993 arrival date) such as the continued refusal of NASA to launch the probe. EXAMPLE: Claims of no money for a booster (the company that produces Titan boosters offerred a FREE booster if NASA would just get the Observer off on its original schedule).

5) He asked some interesting questions about the current shuttle mission... Why is it that all previous military missions involving what was supposed to be Star Wars technology have been so security controlled that they did not even give out the astronauts names but this time they not only tell all but show all with live pics showing the interior of the cargo bay with all the equipment being tested?? Possibly to distract from signals to/from Mars?

He pointed out that our government has a huge fund of "secret" money that could be used to fund this launch. A launch of this type only costs maybe $200 million, which would be pocket change out of what some of his sources say is perhaps a $35 billion fund of non-Congressionally supervised money. He mentioned a book called Blank Check as a source...I didn't get the author's name.

The technology is, as mentioned earlier, off-the-shelf stuff. With minor modifications, spy satilites of the same type as those now orbiting Earth could be used to take pics of the ruins and transmit them back home. These birds are able to take pics of auto licence tags if the operators wanted them to and with good enough resolution to read them, says Hoagland. Regular Xband and Maser transmission methods can easily get the information back, but it would likely be encripted. The Deepspace Network (receiving stations operated by NASA?) that were used to easedrop on and assist the navigation of the Russian PHOBOS probes could act as receiving stations. Hoagland was not, in my mind, doing a "Well, it could be happening" Radio Talk Show. He appeared to be extremely serious about this. He has also set up a Mars Mission organization that is trying to get information out about the pics that are already available and about this possiable new secret mission.

John Finney

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