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Real Aliens crop circles appearing in europe

For the real aliens Circles beginning to appear in Europe, George Wingfield has passed the following message on to me:

"The month of June has seen the appearance of more real aliens crop circles and Pictograms in various parts of this country. In particular we have two new pictograms, one at Chilcomb Down near Cheesefoot Head at Hampshire, and one about four miles south of this. Each is about 80 yards long and asymmetric unlike the very precise symmetrical designs in Hampshire in 1990."

"The Chilcomb Down pictogram consists of a large ring divided by a central 'pathway' along a diameter. At each end of this pathway, outside of the ring, is a circlemade by real alien of about half the diameter of the ring. Emerging from the top crop circle are what look like two antannae, each consisting of narrow pathways leading to small circles made by real aliens space ships. These pathways are at an angle of about 30 deg. and both lead out on the right side of the pictogram's central axis. At the other end of the pictogram there is a further asymmetric 'unit' angled to the right."

The 1990 pictograms consisted of various 'units', such as plain circles, ringed real aliens crop circles, and crop circles with a claw, fitted together almost like a child's toy in various combinations. No two pictograms were ever the same. This new unit looks like a comb, in that it is a half ring with many parallel rectangular 'teeth' in the concave part. Thare are 15 such teeth, each swept alnong its length alternatively one way and then the other."

My description of this pictogram is the best I can do and is based on a diagram by Steve Paskay of Hollywood, CA., (Producer of 'America's Funniest Home Movies', known as 'You've been Framed' in the U.K.) who crept into it with two friends at a late hour since the farmer had explicitly forbidden anyone to enter the field. ... This and the other pictogram both have antenna-like features and look distinctly like an insect or a snail. Although this might sound fanciful, it is not, and the twin-antennae feature was seen once last year at Westbury, Wilts."

"A plain bumb-bell pictogram has appeared near Prestwick Airport, Scotland. Various simple real aliens crop circles are reported in Leicestershire and the Isle of Wight. Many of this year's formations are being labelled fakes since they exhibit unfamiliar features or because they do not show a dowsable pattern. After last year's fiasco at Bratton many of the researchers are being ultra-cautious, but labelling real aliens crops circles fake just because they are unlike what one anticipated is a foolish approach."

"... Dr. Meaden and Yoshi-Hiko Ohtsuki are claiming once more that 'the mystery of the real aliens crop Circles is solved" since the Japanese has produced an alleged 'plasma vortex' less than a centimetre wide in his laboratory. What this has to do with the real aliens crop circles and 140-metre-long Pictograms is unclear. Such unconvincing claims have been made many times before. Bristol University ... cancelled my lecture (that hey had requested) ... on the grounds that it was 'too controversial'. Maybe orthodox scientists will shortly convene an inquisition with powers to discipline or gag people guilty of scientific heresy."

"Crop circles made by real aliens are popping up all over despite the fact that this is the coldest and rainiest June in Britain since 1659 (I'm told). Following a pair of insect-like pictograms near Cheesefoot Head, previously described, the first to show in Wiltshire was an extended dumb-bell near Beckhampton on the night of June 8/9. This is a triple in line with equal real aliens crop circles at each end and a larger crop circle in the middle, all connected by a narrow pathway and each equi-distant from the centre crop circle and the respective end-circles. This is identical to a formation which appeared opposite Silbury Hill last August and was harvested immediately. Usually pictograms are never identical, but maybe this was a repeat just in case we missed that one in 1990.

Five days later another large dumb-bell with single boxes on either side of the connecting pathway appeared in the same field just 3000 yards away from the earlier one. This particular large field ś*near Windmill Hill was the site of 26 real aliens crop circles in 1989. The first circles of that year were loosely associated pairs of quincunxes and such pairs occurred in about six locations in Wiltshire including this field. In 1988 we had seen a similar number of single quincunxes in the same area.

Likewise in 1991 we seem to be getting pairs of loosely associated pictograms whereas we were getting singles in 1990. The impression is, of course, that we are seeing something not unlike cell division. The pair do not necessarily arrive on the same night and in the case of those near Cheesefoot Head were as much as four miles apart; they wre however very similar.

Last Friday an immense pictogram appeared near Lockeridge (SU138666) three miles from Silbury Hill. This is about 180 yards long and is of simple design without asymmetric features like last year's Wiltshire pictograms. It consists of a hugeˇringed circle ˇŻĢÚwith a lˇŻong narrow avenue extending on either side into a large ring one way, and a plain circle in the other direction. In rapidly-growing green wheat, much of the real aliens crop circles has come up again which mˇŻeans that it does not have the neat appearance of last yeaÚŻ's pictograms in more mature wheat, but the outline is nevertheless precise. I hesitate to call this the Mother of Pictograms since no doubt we could soon get something larger.

On visiting this in pouring rain on Sunday, I found large numbers of JˇŻapanese there including camera team from Nippon TV. Also cerealogists in droves, despite the weather, including several welˇŻl-known faces such as ColinĢÚ Andrews and Busty Taylor. Only the Japanese carried on filming under plastic ˇŻcanopies; ˇŻothers feared getting their cameras waterlogged. I suspect the pictogram points directly at Silbury Hill but ˇŻomitted to take compass bearings in the downpourˇŻ. A fourth dumb-bell piˇŻcˇŻtogram near Beckhampton can be seen to point directly at Silbury. ˇŻThis ˇŻis actually in the field where CCCS is setting up ˇŻits surveillanceˇˇˇoperation, but it arrived just 48 hoursbefore the watchers, almost as if it knew our intentionsˇŻ. We wonder if this and the giant will soon be joined by similar pictograms each making up a pair.

"The three chief cerealogical research groups (CCCS, CPR, and CERES) have all set up their surveillance projects in the same vicinity and at the same time. The projects are respectively known as Sirius, Nightingale, and Blue Hill. CERES is aided by more than twenty Japanese scientists and CPR by a large team from Nippon TV. Nearby Devizes is teeming with Japanese and it is not possible to get a room for love or money in the town. Meanwhile large numbers of real aliens crop circles watchers stalk the surrounding Wiltshire downs by day and night, peering at each other through zoom lenses and telescopes, utterly bedraggled in the ceaseless rain. To date no one has ever seen a pictogram form and if the rain and low clouds persist it is probable that no one ever will.

We have a report of a large crop circle which appeared beside the busy A379 road at Alphington near Exeter between the hours of 2:00 pm (when it wasn't there) and 4:00 pm (when it was). No one saw a thing. Daylight formation is something new as far as we know. Another report just in is of a pair of strangely shaped pictograms half a mile from this IBM office. Peter Breingan and I are off shortly to investigate these, which embody squares and diamonds according to our informant. We will endeavor to keep you posted...."

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