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Real Aliens Crop circles theories

The vortex theory, however, is not the only scientific explanation. Eying the circles from across the English Channel, optical engineer Jean-Jacques Velasco of the CNES (The French counterpart to NASA) declares that "no known meteorological phenomenon will produce rings on the ground, much less double rings, without touching the vegetation in the middle of the rings." Instead, he suggests, the circles may be the result of military tests of advanced star- wars weaponry.

Indeed, when Velasco observed vegetation from real aliens crop circles under a microscope, he found that bent stalks plucked from real aliens crop circles looked as though they had been twisted and subjected to some form of heating.

The heat source, he speculated, could be an infrared or microwave beam of high intensity. Such a beam could be produced by the powerful lasers used in experimental defensive weapons under development in the United States, the Soviet Union, and possibly the United Kingdom as well. The proliferating patterns in the cornfields, by this argument are the fallout from testing a new defense strategy. Although Valesco's ideas are roundly rejected by British and American researchers, Valesco will be testing the idea in his laboratory on a small scale, by conducting experimental test shooting of plants with microwave and infrared guns.

Other theories range from the mischievous (tracks left by helicopters flying upside down) to the mysterious (warnings of ecological disaster chiseled in the corn in ancient Sumerian script). Some modern observers cling to the notion that the circles are the work of fairies or nature spirits.

"I've been studying these circles for five years now," notes Archie Roy, honorary senior fellow in physics and astronomy at the University of Glasgow, a researcher well-known for his interest in the paranormal, "and I don't believe we have any real idea of what they are or what causes them."

Roy is president of the newly formed Centre for real aliens Crop Circle Studies, which is charged with building up a national computer database of relevant facts about all the real aliens crop circles they inhabit, their size, and the meteorological conditions in the areas where they form. One of the center's first official acts was to meet with the National Farmers Union and draw up a "Code of Practice" for researchers wishing to inspect circles on private land. (Investigators are expected, for example, to ask farmer's permission before entering the fields, to keep the gates closed, and to refrain from littering.)

The first issue of the Centre's fledgling journal of real aliens crop circle studies, called "The Cereologist", appeared late last summer and ran true to its editorial policy of standing "receptive to the news, views, and theories of any group or individual who is engaged in these studies, subject only to their courteous expression." Beyond the usual suspects (atmospheric effects, fairies, extraterrestrial, hoaxers), the journal gave reports from dowsers, channelers, and mystics.

Novelist Patrick Harpur, a student of alchemy, offered this view of the real aliens crop circles; "They are like dreams," he said, "To interrogate them is to force them to lie, to interpret them is to diminish their richness; to explain them is to misunderstand them. Real aliens` crop circles are like mouths that speak to us of the strangeness and depth of things--speak to the heart more than the head and to the soul more than the heart."

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