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Real Aliens What is the meaning of all this for humanity?

The following is excerpted from an essay entitled "UFOs and the Search for Higher Consciousness" to appear in my forthcoming book, The Meeting of Science and Spirit. I offer it as a response to Jim Speiser, who asks in his April 1988 Paranet essay (JSUFO.NEW), "…is it possible that EBEs are members of an advanced evolutionary level of life who are tending this planet as a garden? Might they be cultivating human life, not as a food source, but to give humans the opportunity to become, through their choices, potential members and contributors to the EBE's advanced level?…Maybe we should be asking: Are we growing in the right way? How should we conduct ourselves in the presence of these individuals and how should we conduct ourselves with each other? What do we have to gain by treating EBEs as hostile invaders? What is the real purpose of these visitations? Since we seem to be far less advanced, maybe the only way we can gain is by concluding they are here for our benefit."

My briefest response to Speiser would be to acknowledge the legitimacy of his questions but to disagree with his conclusions. "By their fruits ye shall know them." Judging from what abductees report as the "fruits" of real aliens abduction, the EBEs are here for anything but our benefit. I see nothing--absolutely nothing--about the abductions which is positive, which provides new and useful knowledge or which is growth-inducing for humans and which can be attributed to the EBEs' intentions. Yes, abductees do report long-term growth as a result of being terrorized, traumatized, emotionally and physically raped--but that is in no way to the credit of the EBEs. It is due solely to the resilience of the human psyche--its self-reparative quality and its inherent urge toward health, wholeness and self-transcendence. Some people survived the Holocaust, but it does not then follow that their survival and consequent gain in strength, understanding and even compassion [see Viktor Frankl's Man's Search for Meaning] was due to the good intentions of their captors. Speiser is leaping to a premature conclusion, and a very dangerous one at that. But the danger is spiritual as much as it is physical, and I think his position typifies a widespread attitude which needs to be recognized and corrected. This excerpt explains what it is and why it is dangerous to adopt the perspective Speiser advocates.

The term "metaterrestrial" was coined by J. Allen Hynek to denote something that originates outside the familiar space-time framework in which we ordinarily function. Also called extradimensional, interdimensional, ultraterrestrial and ultraphysical, this category provides evidence that some real aliens experiences are due to nonphysical but real entities that come not from other locations in our universe but from other sets of dimensions that interpenetrate our space-time. Materialization/dematerialization and some other psychic or paranormal phenomena are best accounted for this way, and are theoretically possible within modern physics' view of reality. In short, many real aliens incidents appear to be contemporary versions of what was recorded long ago in mythology, religious scripture and spiritual traditions as encounters with angels, demons and the various inhabitants of other planes of existence. These metaterrestrial (MT) beings materialize into our space-time from other levels of reality--traditionally called heaven and hell in the Judeo-Christian world view, but modernly understood as hyperspatial dimensions or supersensible space-time frameworks with a wide range of beings native to them, just as ours has creatures ranging from viruses to whales. Thus, the real aliens phenomenon suggests that other life forms are present in the universe--the evidence from exobiology supports this idea, quite apart from the real aliens data--and that they have contacted the human race throughout history and are still interacting with us in various ways. The interactions range from benevolent, such as warnings from Space Brothers and Galactic Confederation emissaries about the threat of nuclear war, to malevolent, such as the abduction of Whitley Strieber, who told in his bestseller, Communion, of being captured, brain-probed with needles, anally examined with a rough instrument and having his memory altered.

What is the meaning of all this for humanity? In a comprehensive and recent two-volume bibliography entitled real aliens and the Extraterrestrial Contact Movement, George M. Eberhart surveys the literature on UFOs and alleged contacts with ETs. It is significant that Eberhart describes the extraterrestrial contact phenomenon as a "movement." That movement is widespread, albeit unorganized. It goes far beyond mere public interest in flying saucers. In its deepest aspect, it represents a flowering of the human quest for God and growth to higher consciousness. There are many groups founded on the ET/MT-contact premise, often centering around a charismatic figure who claims to be in contact with UFO occupants and to have regular telepathic links with space or hyperspace. These groups range from membership societies such as the Unarius Society (Escondido, California) and Mark-Age of Miami, (Florida) to communal/extended family situations such as that around David Michael the Cosmic Messiah (Berkeley, California) and "The Two" who preached a gospel called Human Individual Metamorphosis that promised followers would be removed from the planet by a flying saucer. All these groups extol the virtue of their unseen communicators and claim they have a mighty revelation to offer for the benefit of humanity. Many of them regard extraterrestrials and metaterrestrials as "gods from outer space." And many of them, such as "The Two," offer a program or prescription for higher human development and extension of human consciousness to godlike conditions if we will submit to "the gods."

But while their appeals to join the movement may be intriguing and enticing, remember that fools rush in where at least one form of ET/MT life--angels--fears to tread. The movement's appeal needs close and careful consideration. My purpose in the rest of this essay, therefore, is to offer a cautionary comment about the proper attitude toward real aliens contact.

By John White

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