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Real Aliens from outer space to inner space

First, consider the most intriguing aspect of the real aliens experience: the convergence of psychology and physics. As the study of inner and outer space merges, consciousness becomes the key to understanding the situation. The real aliens phenomenon actually leads us to still-larger questions. It is not enough to ask what are they, where they come from and what they want. Our ultimate questions concern cosmology and ontology: what is reality and how can we know it?

These questions bring us slowly but surely to the realization that only by understanding the essence of ourselves can we understand the nature and structure of the cosmos, including the real aliens phenomenon. It is a paradox recognized in all major religions, psychotechnologies and sacred lifeways that the deeper you look inside yourself, the more universal you become. Scientific and spiritual traditions--the objective and subjective aspects of our attempt to know reality--converge to reveal levels of consciousness far beyond what we ordinarily take for the limits of our awareness.

Conceptualizing these higher dimensions is difficult. Recent models of the cosmos by physicists, paraphysicists and parapsychologists are resorting more and more to the esoteric, heremetic, metaphysical and occult traditions, which claim to have long been aware of other aspects of reality other than the physical-material. These traditions use terms such as the astral plane, the etheric plane, the plane of Mind and so forth to denote hyperspaces--other space-time frameworks, other sets of dimensions-- interpenetrating our own.

Where are these hyperspaces? All sources agree: they are within us, even while they seem to be outside; and at the same time, they are outside (our physical bodies), even though we arrive there by going within.

The cosmos, then, may be conceived as having different but interpentrating planes of existence which are space-time frameworks in their own right. The higher planes are the native realms of angels, spirit guides, ascended masters and other evolutionarily advanced beings reported throughout history as interacting with humanity to guide and protect us.

Protect us from what? Malevolent inhabitants of other planes. Outside the physical plane we humans inhabit is not all sweetness and light, according to these traditions. There are said to be objectively real but invisible intelligences that seek to penetrate human psyches in order to stop our evolution and enslave us to their will. It is said that these malign entities can and do sometimes materialize into our plane of existence in various alluring ways to entice us off the spiritual path.

As a person evolves in consciousness and expands awareness, he passes through these different levels enroute to the highest state of consciousness, cosmic consciousness. Those levels, in Christian theology, are termed "the heavens." In Hindu and Buddhist thought, they are called "lokas." Though the terminology differs from culture to culture, the underlying unity of experience cannot be mistaken. Each level is said to have beings--presumably organized into some social structure--capable of materializing into other levels. As a person moves into those spaces through whatever spiritual discipline he practices to purify his consciousness and develop organs of higher perception, the boundary between "inner" and "outer" events dissolves and a single, unified view of reality is perceived. This is why there has been unanimity of reports from "soul travelers" to the highest regions.

And what they report is this: we humans are confused about ultimate reality and our true identity. Both are something far greater than we ordinarily think and both are actually one.

Next consider what this means for human happiness and understanding. First, there is a core truth to which we can penetrate--an Ultimate Answer which alone gives purpose, meaning and direction to our lives and our search. Second, that truth is accessible to each of us on the basis of direct experience, without need for intermediaries. Third, in order to attain that truth, we must ascend in consciousness; we must personally evolve through our own efforts. And, finally, if many individuals evolve, the result could well be a collective change of society, a transformation of the species, a radical change in human nature.

By John White

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