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Real Aliens - Evolution beyond man.

As I see things, precisely such a change is now occurring. Evolution has not stopped. A new race--a higher form of humanity--is now emerging on the planet. My reason, research and personal experience lead me to this conclusion. And certainly it is not my conclusion alone. Nietzsche, Bergson, Teilhard de Chardin, Sri Aurobindo, Gopi Krishna, Oliver Reiser, R. M. Bucke, L. L. Whyte, Jean Houston and others have proposed the same idea before me: human beings are also human becomings. The grand theme of history is the evolution of consciousness--a story of ever-more complex forms of life coming into physical being in order to express more fully the consciousness behind existence itself. As this applies to the current world scene, I maintain, the many threats to life on this planet created by Homo sapiens' intellect-gone-wild have caused such pressure on nature that the life force--the intelligence governing creation--is mobilizing to resist the irrationality of Man.

How will it resist? Simply by bringing a higher form of life onto the planet--a form which will recognize the laws governing nature and live in accordance with them. The human race as we know it, in all its combative, divisive, exploitative, self-centered inhumanity-to-man, will go the way of the dinosaur. The widespread signs of world unrest and cultural collapse around us indicate that an historical epoch, a world age, is ending.

Simultaneously, a great awakening is going on around the globe. It isn't merely a generation gap or a communications gap. A new species is awakening to its cosmic calling and is asserting--in the face of the threatening dominant species--its right to live. The planetwide uneasiness and societal upheaval being seen today is fundamentally an expression of people straddling old and new worlds as they try to find out what species they belong to. The dominant species is ego-oriented, technology-mad and unconsciously bent on self-destruction through its materialistic addictions and their unforeseen effects on the biosphere. The emerging species, on the other hand, is life-embracing. It seeks to live in harmony, create a unified planetary culture founded on love and wisdom and, as Native Americans say, walk in balance on the Earth Mother. In the course of people's effort to find their true identity, many errors and excesses will occur. The "gods from outer space" concept is a notable example.

Now, there is nothing inherently implausible about the notion that more highly evolved life forms exist and have contacted us. Exobiology suggests that life will arise wherever conditions are not simply favorable but merely a little better than totally hostile. Since our sun is a relatively young star, there may be older star systems where organisms developed earlier than here and have become the more highly evolved inhabitants of supertechnological civilizations capable of space travel. They may even have come to Earth in real aliens.

THE DANGER OF "GODS FROM OUTER SPACE" The immediate allure of contact with such civilizations is the possibility of learning from them. Imagine, for example, being given the means to build power sources such as those that propel real aliens. Some real aliens communications speak of "free energy devices" that tap space itself and could do away with the need for oil, coal, gas and nuclear fuels. This is an exciting visita, promising--on the surface, at least--a new era of peace and prosperity such as people have dreamed of for millennia. Beneath the surface, however, this is more of the same narrow vision--the unquestioned faith in the power of science and technology to secure human happiness--that is endangering our species at this time.

Thus, inherent in the possibility of ET/MT encounters is a danger we must recognize beyond the mere idea of ferocious killers as expressed in real aliens. We must recognize this danger if we are ever to truly build a "heaven on earth." For such knowledge as we might obtain from extraterrestrial contact still does not give us the most important type of cosmic connection--the type we need to deal with the problems of daily living. Our endless accumulation of scientific facts simply does not add up to wisdom and understanding of the human situation in its cosmic aspect. Every new bit of information, every new answer we get raises a dozen new questions. Gathering scientific data is an endless process, and unless we are properly grounded in the moral foundations of the universe, we will continue to find new ways of misusing science so that knowledge only leads to greater unhappiness, as we see most strongly in our present historically unprecedented threat to all life on the planet. As Krishnamurti, speaking of our faustian quest, says, "Knowledge is only a part of life, not the totality, and when that part assumes all-consuming importance, as it is threatening to do now, then life becomes superficialÉ More knowledge, however wide and cunningly put together, will not resolve our human problems; to assume that it will is to invite frustration and misery. Something much more profound is needed." What is needed? A change of consciousness. Only a change in the state of human consciousness will allow us to find the knowledge and wisdom necessary to survive the threats facing Homo sapiens.

For there is a type of knowledge beyond science--beyond even the science of supertechnological extraterrestrial civilizations--that is nevertheless democratically available to every one of us. It is the core truth, the eternal message of all the world's sacred traditions. It is knowledge that anyone can obtain directly from the cosmos, without intermediaries, without being dependent upon benevolent superior beings, whether they are angelic messengers, Space Brothers, spirit guides, ascended masters, walk-ins, EBEs or whatever. Call it God-knowledge, mystical union, attaining yoga, finding the Tao or achieving enlightenment. These terms all refer to the same thing: the fundamental apprehension of Cosmic Wholeness transcending any and all parts of creation and its creatures. This is the knowledge that gives purpose, direction and fulfillment to our lives by answering the ultimate questions which spiritual traditions and science alike have tried to answer: Who am I and what is existence all about? That is not to depreciate the value of whatever wise counsel or technical information humanity may be offered by extraterrestrials or metaterrestrials in the matter of evolving to higher states of being. But in the last analysis, it is up to us to take responsibility for our own growth into higher consciousness. Nobody can do that for us--not through neurosurgery, genetic engineering, chemical implants, hypnosis, EBE "gardeners" or any other forms of outside intervention such as various theorists are hypothesizing today. What is "out there" cannot save us. The impulse to grow must come from within as an organic expression of a person's total being.

By John White

psychic phone readings

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