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Real Aliens - Extraterrestrials meeting

I had the opportunity to pick up a book the other day while book hunting and haven't totally taken the time to read the book but I did skim over it and saw something that I thought you guys might appreciate and be able to discuss.

The book is entitled "Real Alien Meetings" by Brad Steiger printed in January 1978.

Please find below a list of 16 different hypothetical explainations of close encounters of the 3rd kind:

1. The Extraterrestrial Hypothesis: The entities are astronauts who come from one or more extraterrestrial civilizations. They appear to have had Earth under surveillance for centuries. They have chosen to conduct their activities secretly for some undetermined reason.

2. Military Secret Hypothesis: The real aliens occupants are actually terrestrial astronauts conducting secret military maneuvers with classified aerial vehicles. This hypothesis could only apply to those sightings in which the UFOnaunts look exactly like homo sapiens.

3. Secret Society Hypothesis: Perhaps centuries ago a secret society of scientis-alchemists developed an advanced technology, which they have managed to keep hidden in underground or undersea cities. They may be subtly guiding us - or they may be awaiting the appropriate moment to conquer the entire world.

4. Programmed Deceit and Delusion Hypothesis: Both the real aliens UFO's and their occupants are something similar to holographic projections or elaborate special effects created by some uknown agency (hypothesis 2 and 3) for some ulterior and as-yet-undetermined motive.

5. Unknown Terrestrial Life hypothesis: The real aliens UFOs may actually be unrecognized life forms indigenous to the upper reaches of Earth's atmosphere. They may be plasmic, electrical, nearly pure energy forms which have the ability to assume a variety of guises.

6. Astronauts from Atlantis hypothesis: The UFOnauts are the decendants of an ancient civilization of Earth, who developed space flight and who return from time to time to visit the home planet.

7. Time Traveler hypothesis: The UFOnauts are our decendants from the future, studying mankind by using the past as a living historical museum.

8. Other Dimensions hypothesis: The real aliens UFO entities come not from some other physical planet but from an adjacent space-time continuum, actually coexisting on Earth with us, but on another vibrational level.

9. Planetary Poltergeist Hypothesis: The real aliens UFO occupants may be the result of some as-yet-unknown physical law that can at times activate (or be activated by) the unconscious mind. This law-or energy- might not itself be intelligent, but it would be able to absorb, reflect, and imitate human intelligence.

10. Protean-Psychoid Hypothesis: According to writer Michael Talbot: "They (real aliens and UFOs) are protean because they are all part of the same chameleonlike phenomenon that changes to reflect the belief structure of the time. They are psychoid in that they are a paraphysical phenomenon and are related to the psychological state of the observer.

11. Psychic Need hypothesis: Jerome Clark and Loren Coleman suggest: "Certain of mankind's psychic needs tap psychokinetic and other psi energies and fashion fairies, apparitions of the Virgin Mary and real aliens` UFOs-archetypes which we can experience only as images and symbols. The forms they assume are ancient in the sense that they have always been intrinsic parts of the psyche, modern in that we perceive them in the context of ideas and the conscious mind has acquired."

12. UFOnauts as Arechetypes hypothesis: Both real aliens` UFOs and their occupants may be quasi-real objects manufactured by the human "collective uncounscious". Author John White views Jungian archetypes as "energetic thought fields" accessible through "dreams, meditation and other altered states of consciousness." He theorizes that there may be "larger, previously unrecognized dimensions of physical events" in which highly eveolved entities exist on a grander, paraphysical scale and "influence and guide human affairs."

13. Extraterrestrial Tricksters hypothesis: Extraterrestrial intelligences are misleading mankind and deliberately confusing us in order to provide a cover for undisclosed activities here on Earth.

14. Magic Theater hypothesis: Real aliens UFO manifestations are the result of the "magical" machinations of elves, "wee people," and other paraphysical entities who have coexisted with mankind as companion species and appear to participate somewho with Homo sapiens in and evolutionary design.

15. Supernatural Hypothesis: The UFOnauts are the same entities as the angels which are described by many religions as the messengers of God. They remain concerned about the inhabitants of Earth as part of their mission of guidance and/or salvation.

16. Reality Game hypothesis: The UFOnauts are playing a teaching game with mankind, in which our concept of reality is being gradually changed. In the teasing fashion of a Zen riddle or a Sufi joke, we are being provoked into higher consciousness.

I just thought these were somethings that might get some conversations going on the net. I guess I need to break some more of my own personal thoughts down more cause if I would have done the above hypothesis, I would have put several of them together. Anyway, it's food for thought. Wonder why they don't publish a lot of books NOW involving real UFO's and ET's? Most of the things I've seen mostly deal in the 70's or early 80's. Oh well, since I'm in a book buying mood if any of you think of a book I should read or might like, let me know.

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