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Real aliens abduction and lucid dreams

This is a lucid dream experience generated internally by the subject+s subconscious. There is no Human - Real aliens interaction at any level. They are usually grandiose in nature and lack a logical progression.

This is a lucid dream experience, internally generated by external forces. It is real aliens in origin and accomplished by technologically enhanced psychic intrusion of the subject+s subconscious. The subject reports the disassociation ,or collapse of, a normal dream and the insertion of a scenario or message which enhances certain ideals or beliefs. If the subject awakens immediately after, they report a circle of glowing whitish colored energy on the ceiling, approximately 2 to 3 feet in diameter, with a shaft of the same energy slowly retracting back into the circle. This shaft is approximately 3 to 6 inches in diameter and 2.5 to 4 feet long.

This experience involves the extraction of a conscious energy field from the subject+s body. It should not be confused with naturally occurring OOBE phenomena, as separation is externally induced. The technology employs the use of a white or bluish-white colored extraction beam. Subjects describe a feeling of deep penetration of this beam throughout their body, followed by the sensation of an irresistible or attractive force. The extracted field maintains cohesion, and is capable of perceiving stimuli at a greatly enhanced level. Perceptions include 360 degree sight and sensory feedback at the molecular, and even atomic level. Experiences seem to focus around communications and reinsertion of the bio-field into a humanoid body other than the original. It is this type of abduction that accounts for the severe missing time memory failure in some cases.

Since the subject+s brain is not physically present, the memories are not hard-written. There does appear to be a shadow memory effect that can retain the memories of the events in some type of energy memory matrix, within the subjects bio-field. Full understanding of this process could lead to breakthroughs in education and learning technologies.

This is the physical removal of a subject from their environment to an real aliens environment. The subject is first tranquilized to reduce possible injury to either side. These abductions follow a very strict military-like protocol. Subjects are transported via a small shuttle, lifting beam or direct transfer. Direct transfer utilizes a hyper-dimensional tunnel. It will appear as a large brilliant white energy gate. The subject steps through the gate and is instantly aboard the craft. Also reported is the nullification of the nuclear repulsive forces in solid objects. This allows the subject to physically pass through solid objects. Once onboard, the person is subjected to various physical tests and procedures. The main thrust is in the genetic experimentation area. Reports of sperm and ovum extraction are quite common. After these procedures are performed, the subject is returned unharmed, to their original location. A screen memory is then inserted into the subject+s subconscious. This slightly shifts the reality recalled by the abductee but never erases the event entirely. This distinguishes them from [AE-3].

These experiences are the least reported and the most interesting, in terms of their implications. They appear to represent events in the experience of an real aliens life form. Subjects relate being in an underground military facility, sometimes on Mars, the Moon and even under the Earth's oceans.

Memories of being onboard a spacecraft and other real aliens environments are also recalled. What is so interesting is that the subject views this, not from an Earth human perspective, but from that of an real aliens. This suggests two very interesting possibilities. A.) During telepathic communication some memories are subconsciously transferred. B.) The subject is recalling actual past life memories of their own. This second possibility opens the door to much speculation. It suggests that part of the abduction phenomena may be a, massive and covert, reconnaissance operation. It may also explain why the Greys have said they have the right to do what they do. If abductees are souls that have been transferred from the real aliens environment to Earth, then technically they are not abducting human beings but volunteer real aliens.

psychic phone readings

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