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I attended Bill Cooper's four-hour lecture last Sunday in Atlanta. Supposedly, now I know the "truth about UFOs." At least, that was the title of his lecture. Most of it I'd heard before. And I wasn't convinced before, either. But then, am I ever convinced of anything? Have I become the "universal agnostic" that Robert Anton Wilson has been writing about for so long?

Cooper's theory -- and it's not Cooper's alone, apparently; John Lear and the mysterious "O.H. Krill" have been pushing the same line for some time now -- is simple: Extraterrestrials have entered into a deal with the governmental and corporate Elite of our planet, and are controlling our destinies through behind-the- scenes manipulations. Our government has agreed to keep the real aliens' existence a secret and will allow the real aliens (like there's a choice!) to abduct a certain percentage of the population for research purposes. In return, the real aliens have given us advanced technology.

It's an interesting story. It may even be true. The theory explains many things. Thousands of UFO sightings and abduction reports from around the globe by seemingly sane and responsible people... the enigma behind what's really going on at the atomic testing sites in Nevada... why a television season doesn't go by anymore without at least one "nice real alien" series appearing... why the Berlin Wall has crumbled... according to Cooper, we can even blame JFK's assassination on the real alien conspiracy.

I like a good story, "fact" or "fiction." And by and large, the Lear/Cooper story is a good story. Cooper had what seemed an inexhaustible supply of slides to show of "secret" government documents. He even showed one set of documents, purportedly a briefing report on the real alien presence written for president-elect Eisenhower, and then announced that he knew it was a fraud, and suspected it had been planted in the UFO-research community. Why he thinks it was planted escaped me -- something about the acceptance of the papers "discrediting" the true researcher. The same documents appear in Timothy Good's "Above Top Secret," but Good nowhere mentions they are believed to be fakes.

Cooper's personal story of his encounter with a UFO seemed very familiar. He opened his lecture with a tale of being on watch aboard a surfaced submarine when he was in the Navy. A huge disk rose out of the sea, "lazily tumbled," and flew away. Shipmates also saw it, he says. I recall this exact story appearing in the book "Clear Intent." My copy is loaned out, so I can't double- check. It's quite possible that the story in the book is about Cooper.

The strangest part of his lecture, to me, was about the Amoco Oil Company advertisement in Aviation Week and Space Technology magazine. Quickly he flashed the cover of the magazine onto his screen, and then switched to the next slide, showing a full-page advertisement supposedly from the magazine. The ad had a bold headline saying "Prepare for advanced technology that will answer a lot of questions," or something very similar (I didn't take notes, and taping his lecture was not allowed). And there was a lot of small print that couldn't be read from that distance. At the bottom of the page was the Amoco logo. Still talking fast he changed slides again, this time showing a real alien head-and-shoulder shot -- the resemblance to E.T. was remarkable. His story about this ad was remarkable, too... but it was hastily presented. During this part of the lecture I felt more like I was watching an unpracticed Doug Henning or David Copperfield than a leading UFO "expert."

He claimed the real alien picture was a part of the Amoco ad. It may well have been, if the original ad was a two-page ad. If it was a two-page ad, why hadn't he taken a larger-frame shot of the ad? As he presented it, it was merely two slides, one after the other -- that may have been as close as those two items had ever been to each other. After he explained his story about the ad, several people in the audience shouted to him, "What issue?" I thought it was the right question -- of course we all wanted to go research this for ourselves. Cooper stuttered and hesitated and finally said it was from "before July" in 1989. I thought of the obvious, but didn't say it, since I'm not one to yell out things from the midst of an audience: Why didn't he just back the slides up and show the magazine cover again??? He had backtracked several times earlier in the lecture, and could have easily done it again. Here's his story about the ad: He called Amoco, got the name of the advertising agency, and called them, pretending to be an ad designer. He asked for the name of the artist -- who had drawn the real alien? Someone took his name and number and when they called him back said, "It's against our policy to divulge the name of the photographer."

"OOooooo." "AHhhhh..." The audience loved this. Proof, at last, of the great conspiracy. But upon being pressed, the caller "admitted" the real alien was a 9-feet-tall bronze statue. Cooper then switches slides to show close-ups of the real alien, pointing out "moisture in the eye," "fine hairs on the neck," etc., asking the audience over and over if we'd ever seen this or that on a statue? I hope I'm wrong. I hope it was a real ad. I hope it was a real alien. I hope Cooper's not a snake-oil salesman. Cooper's catch-phrase of the day, every time he felt he'd made a particular good presentation of "fact," was "Wake up, America. You've been had." By whom, though?

by Ted Bronson

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