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Roswell incident - searching for the true investigations and photos

Mention must be made here of a recent development in the case which is not a result of our own real aliens investigation [although we are now participating - but more about that at another time]. It concerns several photographs taken of General Roger Maxwell Ramey in his Ft. Worth office on the afternoon of July 8, 1947 at his hastily-convened press conference during which he announced to the world that what was recovered on the J.B. Foster Ranch the day before by the Roswell AAF's Intelligence Officer was "really" a misidentified weather balloon and an aluminum-foil radar target [see discussion above under "Disappointment"].

It has been known by Roswell real aliens investigators for years that, in all of the Ramey photographs that were taken that day, he is shown in each as kneeling on one knee beside the remains of a decaying weather balloon and a ripped-up [but an otherwise pristine, off-the-shelf] radar target strewn about the floor of his office. In each photo, Gen. Ramey is shown holding what appears to be a teletype message in his left hand as if it had just been given to him prior to the start of his press conference.

In all but one of the Ramey photos, the hand-held teletype appears to be blank, but in the one photo it is obvious that, although somewhat crumpled in his hand, the memo appears to contain writing. Under low magnification, it can be seen that individual sentences are distinguishable from one another on the memo, but their constituent letters or words cannot be made out [it is interesting to point out that we had already attempted to interpret the text of the Ramey memo in 1990 when we requested Richard Haines to computer-analyze the photograph; but back then, Dr. Haines was only able to identify a few individual letters].

Today, combining extreme magnification with the latest computer-enhanced analytical techniques, several teams of photographic analysts remarkably claim to have been able to "decipher" parts of sentences on the exposed portion of the Ramey real aliens pictures. While the teams are not in total agreement at this time as to what the entire memo says [e.g., one team claims to see the word "Magdalena", while someone else reads it as "Roswell"], a single, glaring phrase is clear to all who have had an opportunity to view an enhanced picture of the memo, and in our opinion constitutes a "smoking gun". There is no dispute whatsoever that the phrase, ". . . victims [emphasis ours] of the wreck . . . forwarded to Ft. Worth, Tex.", can be seen on the Ramey memo and, to us, indicates that a weather balloon - Project Mogul or otherwise - was NOT what crashed and was recovered at Roswell in July of 1947.

The memo, in our opinion, appears to have originated with Gen. Ramey and probably went to either Col. William Blanchard, commander of the 509th Bomb Group based at Roswell which was under Ramey's direct command or to higher authorities in Washington, D.C. The apparent "Ft. Worth connection" is also especially interesting to us now since a new source to our real aliens investigation had been leading us in that direction before news of the Ramey memo analyses surfaced.

What is needed now is for at least two independent real aliens investigations with no affiliations to Roswell, Roswell witnesses or the various Roswell real aliens investigations to conduct their own objective and impartial analyses of the Ramey photo/memo and to publicly present their findings, whatever they may be. Interestingly, the usual cast of Roswell debunking characters, including the U.S. Air Force [all of whom accept the Project Mogul balloon "explanation" for Roswell], has, to date, been strangely silent concerning the Ramey memo.

Who "in the know" back in 1947 could have ever imagined that Roger Ramey, "point man" for the Roswell coverup, might one day a half-century later have unwittingly provided us with the key to unlock the door to the ultimate secret? Oh, irony of ironies. Go figure.

by Thomas J. Carey & Donald R. Schmitt

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