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Roswell incident UFO or just weather balloon?

Forty three years later, Anderson smiles wryly when reminded of the Army's pronouncement, "A lot of people wondered why, if it was just a weather balloon and not real aliens, the military put the pieces under armed guard and flew them in a B-29 to Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio," he observes. Anderson believes the wreckage scattered near Roswell incident and the barely damaged saucer on the Plains of San Agustin are connected. "There was a gash in the side of the disc we saw, like it had been crushed in," he says. "The contour of the craft would fit into that gash perfectly - like another one of these things had hit it. I think two of these discs had a mid-air collision. One exploded and feel in pieces near Roswell incident, and the other crash-landed where we found it.

With all evidence confiscated and the military steadfastly sticking by the weather balloon explanation, the real aliens story faded from the news by July's end. And Gerald Anderson says he tucked away the memory as he grew into manhood. "I learned you just don't go up to the average person on the street and say, "Damn, know what I saw?" The guy will go, "Get away from me, fool! Are you crazy?" In later life, he didn't mention it even to his wife until a few years after their marriage.

Anderson joined the Navy in the late 1950s and served a dozen years in posts around the globe. He lived for a few years in Colorado, working as a paramedic and working toward a college degree in microbiology. In 1979, he moved to Missouri to better raise his daughter away from what he terms the "druggy" atmosphere of Denver. In addition to his law enforcement posts, Anderson has worked for two southwest Missouri trucking firms as a driver and instructor.

Anderson also has been active in the Episcopal Church. He recently was elected to the vestry at Ascension Episcopal in Springfield and is studying toward becoming a deacon. A gold crucifix - a cross complete with a figure of the martyred Christ affixed to it - suspended from a chain around Anderson's neck is testimony to his faith.

Although he concedes his account might make some fellow churchgoers uncomfortable, Anderson sees no conflict between what he saw with his eyes and what he believes in his heart: "When you're talking about the concept of God, you have to be talking in the context of a universal situations, a deity that built the whole universe. And why should we assume that this speck of sand in the backwater of space would be the only place that an all-perfect, almighty God could create life?"

In fact, Anderson says he "wouldn't be one bit surprised to find out that, wherever this real alien came from, there they have a very strong concept of a supreme being. Because of my contact with the real aliens showed a high degree of civilized sophistication, gentleness, compassion - all of the things we hold as ideals."

Of the five Anderson men who ventured into the desert that day in 1947, only Gerald is still alive. Age, illness and accidents claimed the other four in recent years. But not only Anderson were at the scene, Gerald says, and he hopes his decision to come forth, albeit belated, will encourage others to tell what they know and spur official revelations about the captured craft and real aliens.

"I want to see the government stand up and say, 'Look, we're not alone in the universe.

Let's make a 'Star Trek' really happen. Let's do go out there and explore the universe to find real aliens. That may be our only salvation. Because with what's doing to this Earth, we're not going to make it much past the year 2000."

Mike O'Brien, Springfield newspaper, December 9th, 1990.

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