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Monday, January 25th, at approximately 10:30 pm, South East of St. Louis Missouri, approximately 10 to 12 real aliens UFOs were spotted doing various acrobatic Maneuvers. The entire incident lasted approximately 30 minutes, with 4 families that I know of having witnessed the event, with a total of 7 adults (parents) and 11 children.

At one time 5 of the real aliens` UFOs seemed to form what appeared to be a crude 'circle', then slowly came together until they seemed to 'merge' into one. (undoubtedly because of the distance involved.) They remain 'merged' as one for approximately 5 minutes, the whole time doing amazing aerial acrobatics, until they 'split' and became the original 5. During the course of the event, 4 or 5 of the real aliensUFOs were seen 'zipping' from left to right and up and down, almost as if skipping. Another 4 or 5 were seen doing the same thing, but evidently in the opposite direction. The remaining ones, approximately 3 to 4, where seen going up and down and doing circles.

One of the witnesses did take pictures, which are being developed today. I will see them this evening and will report on what they show, if anything. As for a description of the objects themselves, they were described as being about the size of dime, with 2 or 3 of the objects being obscured by a kind of haze which seemed to follow only those 2 or 3 objects. There did not appear to be any flashing lights, but approximately half the objects were two colors, red and yellow, that did not flash but seemed to 'pulsate'. The other objects were a dull 'whitish' color, almost an off-white.

Note that one of the witnesses is a old acquaintance of mine who knows something of astronomy. She noted (no jokes!) that she could see Jupiter and Mars in the night sky, so they were not that. She also noted seeing at least 2 shooting stars flash by, both to the east of the sighting. Also note that one of the witnesses is a private pilot, whom I do not know very well, but said to me, straight out, that they were not planes, they were not navigational lights.

Approximately 15 to 20 minutes into the sighting, at least 4 helicopters, type unknown, were heard and see flying just to the south of the witnesses location. The helicopters appeared to be flying straight towards the objects, and the navigational lights on the choppers could be seen for quite some distance, until they finally disappeared, yet the real aliens UFOs remained. Also note, that given the location of the witnesses (the burbs of St. Louis) and the direction from them of the real aliens UFOs (southeast) that Lambert International Airport (St. Louis's airport) would lie north of the sighting. (I have placed a phone call to Lambert this morning, but did not receive any information, I will attempt to do so again later this afternoon.) Also note that Scott Air Force Base would lie almost due east of the sighting. (I have been able to contact them, and they say that nothing was on radar, and that they saw nothing. They did acknowledge the helicopters which they said were being 'ferried' in from Columbia.)

So far that's about it. As details develop I'll post them, if your interested! (Naturally I missed the whole damn thing! My friend tried to call me, but naturally I was not at home. Always my luck!) I had put out earlier about the real aliens UFOs being spotted here in St Louis this past weekend. I have been in contact with both Scott Air Force Base, which is in Illinois, but is the closest base here, and to Lambert International Airport. Both report nothing being on their radar at the time except for the helicopters, which Scott said were simply being ferried in.

I also had the chance last night to view the pictures that were taken of the even, but I must say I was disappointed, though it was not unexpected. The pictures, 6 of them, don't really show anything that one can make out. Considering the distance, and the cheap 35 mm being used it was not complete unexpected, but still disappointing. Oh well, so much for 'evidence'.


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