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My sighting took place in 1977 at my home along the central California coast line at Santa Cruz. I had been tied down for years raising a family and running a small Mom and Pop business. I worked many hours both day and night with no time to play. To run a small business it takes lots of family cooperation. After my daughters grew up and got married and left home, I sold out.

What freedom! I bought an old '67 pick-up truck and stared a handy-man fixer up business. I drove the old Chev north to Bellingham to visit my brother, Lee. We had not had much contact while growing up. He felt so grateful that I had come all that way that he gave me a old CB radio. A citizen band rig some guy had given him. Now I could cuss out smokey bear and say buzz words like ten four good buddy on my way back.

A boisterous signal came over the air "Get yourself a side band rig with all the extra channels in it and talk to those women down under in Australia." I could hardy believe this. So I traded in the old CB for a side band rig with all the off limit military channels in it. While struggling to get my antenna higher, watching it careful, keeping it from falling, I saw five flying discs going to some kind of intelligent formation in an orderly south-westerly way. One would peel off and come down a little lower, hover for a few seconds and then zoom back up to join the others. Then another took its place and did the same thing. It was a clear day approximately 1:00 p.m. They were approximately 30,000 to 40,000 feet high. I am not a fruit cake. This happened to me. So who is going to believe it? So I kept quite until now. The question is how are we going to make contact? As slow as things are going, when it does happen I will be gone to meet my maker. Or maybe the real contact will be made after death. It has been said by reliable sources that they are non-human intelligence waiting for the right time.

We all have to answer to a higher power. Maybe them or that. One thing for sure, there is truth in some of these real aliens sightings. Lets keep our minds and eyes open. Lets all watch and wait . One PhD of math and inventions said "I'll believe it when they come and give me a ride in it." If there was contact would there be panic, pain, peace, war or what? We do know that they have secrets that we would like to have. Wouldn't it be great if I I Me! is the one that they would like to talk to and show proof. Hey! this book would sell like crazy!

Old Jack in Gilroy said over the air (Ham Radio) "They are us. They have been in control since the beginning of time. We don't know it yet. The time isn't right. When that time comes we will all know about it. But you and I who are in our 70s will be in a different dimension." My brother Lee said "there were dairy cows killed near Bellingham by Big Foot. He cut away some body parts and left some to rot away in the pasture. The police and the firemen were looking for plastic bags and boxes to put the remains in. Right out here close by, but no one has seen Big Foot yet. But he is around here in the woods." Come on Lee, how do we know it wasn't real aliens UFO people or things? There is no proof yet but there will be."

Some informed persons speculate that real aliens UFOs have been visiting here on earth for years, taking humans and body parts back to their home planet. The Russians and the Americans said "Okay! We won't do anything just give us the formula for the speed of light." I don't know? Do you know? Let's share. There is some indication that celestial life forms help build the pyramids. Strange things in the Yucatan and the lost city of Atlantis have been reported.

In my laymans point of view, which is probable as good as the expert and as much as there is tons of information dumped on us daily by world wide computer inter nets 40 thousand nets all linked, we are still in there guessing. No politicians want to risk being called a fruit cake, so they throw money at experiments, like radio astronomy. They monitor the whole spectrum with many parabolic dishes located around the world. It is possible real U.F.O. communications are outside of man's ability to detect. In other words, a different dimension. Animals, birds, and insects communicate and we have not be able to break their codes. The only thing we have going for us is signals going at the speed of light 186,000 miles a second. You can't see or feel them, but they are there. We can not see 90% of the universal mass , no light is reflected from it. We are stumped and amazed at what we don't know. We have a long way to go, on the other hand it could be a big cover-up.

Sgt. Boby Lee Chippen, a combat Vietnam Veteran and squad leader during the heat of combat had a sighting. His squad of Nationals were resting in the shad after a long hot patrol. Low and behold! right in front of them at tree top level appeared a large grey disc. Hovering, seemingly looking at them. One national cocked his machine gun ready to shoot. "No No" Chippen hallard, "American American". It quickly shot side ways, zoomed over to the other side of the valley, hovered for a few more second's, then zoomed out of sight over the hills. "What the hell is that? They were aghast. Who the hell is going to believe that, they said, so they did not report anything.

Maurice L. Ricketts

psychic phone readings

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