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Real aliens UFO SIGHTING and visits

I have had two experiences that appear to be related to real aliens UFO's --although, at the time, I didn't know that's what they were. Interestingly enough, my parents have also seen a real UFO in England.

One winter night in 1960 when I was 16-yers-old, I went for a long ride on my bay mare in the Uvas Valley. I went way back into Eastman Canyon, which joins Uvas Road near the peninsula of the reservoir. Dad had told me to be back by dark, since it began getting dark as early as 5:30 p.m. in the winter months. But dusk seemed to linger and I took my time getting back. When the sun dropped quickly behind the hills, I was still about one and one-half miles from home. So I pushed the mare into a full gallop and got to the barn in less than 10 minutes. I scooped grain and filled the water bucket and threw her a flake of alfalfa hay--about a 4" wide section of a large bale, then ran up the short hill towards our house which overlooked the valley below and Uvas Dam.

Just as I reached the crest of the hill, I noticed a bright white light to the right, behind the tree tops. At first I thought it was the moon. But instantly I realized it was moving towards me, gliding just above the tree tops until it arrived right above me, and there it stopped.

I looked up to see what kind of a strange craft the military was flying overhead this time, as we are in a military flight path between Moffet Field and Fort Ord. There had been rocket tests at Ames Research Lab in Milpitas the previous week and the noise had been so loud we heard it. But as I looked up at it, I realized this craft was not moving and it didn't even vibrate. It was absolutely silent, and there was no wind or air current either. Back then, there were no near neighbors and the entire area was secluded. The entire flat ground around me was illuminated as bright as a sunny day in an area more than 400 feet in diameter. The edge of the light was crisp on the ground, because the object was so close above me. When I looked up to see it better, I couldn't see any features. The entire base was a disk of very brilliant white light with no hot spots, no shadows. I wished the football field at Gilroy High School could be lighted this bright for our night games!

I knew NASA was working on fast rockets, but I'd never heard about slow rockets. This was about as slow as they could get--at this rate, it would never get anywhere, I thought. It continued to stay absolutely still. After a few minutes, I got tired of waiting for it to move, so I started to walk towards the house. I knew I was also late for dinner and didn't want trouble, but as I moved, so did this white disk. When I stopped, it stopped. I took two steps forward, and it moved a little bit sideways and began moving towards the valley. So I started walking slowly and it then floated out over the valley, close to the dam, and glided up gracefully to a low pass between the hills. Then it hugged the tree tops as it passed over the mountain near Sycamore Road.

From the time I left the barn until I arrived at our house it should have been no more than 10 minutes--including the time I took to stop and watch the craft. But when I got inside our house, my parents were worried and Dad was fuming because I was so late. I was surprised to see that not only was dinner finished, but the dishes were done, the rest of the kids were in bed, and it was 9:30 p.m.! The entire episode from Eastman Canyon to the front door should have taken no more than one-half hours I can't account for. I don't want to say I was abducted; I'm just stating a fact. I do have a 1" visible scar on the side of my knee that I don't remember getting, and I wonder if it might be associated with the real aliens UFO sighting.

To avoid being grounded that night, I told Dad I was at the barn, but spent time with my mare. We went down to the barn to verify my story. Dad said, if she wasn't still warm, I'd be in trouble. After galloping home so fast, I knew she'd have to be warm, yet she was completely cool. Also she'd eaten all of the hay and grain and was going to sleep--all of which takes a good deal more than 10 minutes!

I did not know about real aliens UFO's at the time. Keep in mind this was 1960 and I thought of the weird object only as a slow rocket. I didn't think about it for many years.

Then in 1963, we were traveling in Mexico. On a steep mountain road in the Sierra Madre Mountains, going towards the West Coast, on a road like a narrow ribbon wrapping around the sheer face of the cliff in a series of endless curves and hairpin turns. Glimpses of the road ahead revealed only more of the same. Top speed possible for us was only about 30-33 miles per hour. It was just too dangerous to drive any faster and we were terrified of the road. There were no safety rails and the only view was down, which revealed tops of high mountains rising above the clouds way below us. Above that were hundreds of miles of clear blue sky and bright sunshine.

After three hours of traveling on this treacherous road, we saw a silvery white, blimp-like object at eye level. Although we had been looking out the window the whole time, we had not noticed it before. Suddenly, it was suddenly just there!

I studied the object with great interest as it presented a perfect example of modeled light on a cylindrical form--something I had studied intensely in my college art class only a few months before. There were no visible seams of irregularities. There was nothing uneven to break the perfect gradations from the lighting. It was also absolutely smooth. There were no openings of any kind or even windows. It was a pure silvery, white color and very clean--like it was brand new, with no discoloration's. Again, this one was absolutely silent, It kept pace with us for about 15-20 minutes at our maximum 33 m.p.h.

I asked my father where our camera was, because I wanted a photo to illustrate modeling on a cylinder, but he said it was in the trunk, and there was no way he was going to stop on that treacherous road.

Then we passed behind a rare rock outcropping on our right and emerged less than 10 seconds later, only to find this blimp-like, silver-white craft had vanished.

We thought it was just some kind of a new, sleek blimp at the time, because in 1963, people just didn't hear much about real UFO's. To this day, I have made it a point not to do any research on them or watch TV shows about them, because I'd like to find a respectable hypnotist who could hypnotize me and see what it would reveal about my two experiences. By not absorbing anything else about real UFO's I'm trying to keep my experience as pure as possible for the day when I might have a hypnotist write the next chapter for this story.

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