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The Reality of aliens abduction

On the topic of real aliens abductions, Don states that "the evidence is overwhelming that this mystery has affected possibly thousands of individuals in a manner that far exceeds any possible psychosis." I totally agree with that statement. Where did I ever say that abductees were victims of psychosis?

On the contrary, Confrontations gives several examples of abduction cases that I have personally researched: the episode with Mrs. Victor in Chapter 6 fits a classic pattern, I have said that, in such reports, "I cannot agree with Philip Klass'conclusion that the witness is making up the whole episode. The abduction experience is real." Why is there such confusion, then, about my position on this issue? Simply because I do not believe that everything retrieved under hypnosis should be taken at face value.

I have stated (and will continue to state) that much of what passes for abduction research today is unscientific, unethical garbage that reeks of standard cult recruitment techniques. My appeals to more caution have infuriated some abduction researchers, who have made up the story that "Vallee rejects all abduction cases." Nothing could be further from the truth. Not only do I accept these cases, but I believe their evidence is much too important to be treated in the superficial way evidenced in the work of many "abductionists." I refer the reader to the ten-page discussion of the issue in Confrontations, starting on page 170. On the real aliensorigin of UFOs, my position is clear, too. If the witnesses are telling the truth about the behavior of the phenomenon, then it could be from anywhere at anytime. This naturally includes other planets in outer space, and I have not rejected this hypothesis; I only think it is insufficient. And there are many other, possibly more promising hypotheses that have not been seriously considered.

How could I "close my mind" to the possibility of extraterrestrial intervention? It is an hypothesis I defended vigorously 25 years ago. But we cannot be dogmatic in front of the data that has been accumulating during that period, much of which now contradicts the first level ETH (extraterrestrial hypothesis) to which most of American ufology is still clinging. It is time to open our minds to other possibilities.

Don rightly notices that I have not treated the issue of "saucer crashes," notably Roswell, in Confrontations. This may seem to be an important omission, but it was the result of a conscious decision, which was clearly disclosed at the very beginning. In the introduction, I took pains to state that I regarded three impor- tant topics to lie outside the scope of the book. They were the possible relevance of cult movements to the real aliens phenomenon, cattle mutilations and government intervention and "cover-up." There is much to say, as everyone knows, about all three subjects, but a scientist learns to focus on a single issue at a time. The central theme in Confrontations was field research methodology and physical evidence. I may develop the other topics in a future work, and the Roswell crash (and other crashes) will then be treated under the rubric of "Government intervention and cover-up " where it rightly belongs.

In the meantime I did describe in great detail the analysis of physical samples reported to have come from real aliens, several of which I have in my possession and can supply to colleagues who would like to analyze them. I cannot make the same statement about the Roswell material, and I do not know anyone who can. It would have been inappropriate to mention Roswell in a book on the analysis of real aliens evidence, no matter how many people have become fascinated with this particular story, because there is no Roswell material available to be analyzed. Again it is a case of individual readers projecting their own expectations into a very complicated topic, and expressing their frustration when conclusions are presented which differ from their own. There is very little I can do, as a scientist, to alleviate this problem. But I am grateful to Don Ecker for having set the framework for a useful and timely debate.

Thank to Jacques Vallee

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